COVID-19 Update: August 5, 2020

47 new cases in BC (total: 3834; Δ 1.2%)
1132 VCH (prev: 1119; Δ 13; 1.2%; 29.5% of all)
2015 FHA (prev: 1989; Δ 26; 1.3%; 52.6% of all)
384 IHA (prev: 377; Δ 7; 1.9%; 10.0% of all)
146 VIHA (prev: 146; Δ 0; 0.0%; 3.8% of all)
91 NHA (prev: 91; Δ 0; 0.0%; 2.4% of all)
66 Outside Canada (prev: 65; Δ 1; 0.0%; 1.7% of all)
Total Active Cases: 351; 9.2% of total
Δ 32 (0.7%)

9 Hospitalized (prev: 8; Δ 1; 12.5%; 0.2% of total)
6 ICU (prev: 4; Δ 2; 50.0%; 0.2% of total)
3288 recovered (prev: 3273; Δ 15; 0.5%; 85.8% of total)
195 deaths to date (prev: 195; Δ 0; 0.0%; 5.1% of total)
Recovery Rate: 85.8% Δ -0.7%

“There have been no new health-care facility outbreaks. In total, three long-term care or assisted living facilities have active outbreaks.

“There are no new community outbreaks. However, there continues to be community exposure events throughout the province and on flights into and out of British Columbia.

“Alerts are posted on the BC Centre for Disease Control’s and on health authorities’ websites, providing details on where the potential exposure occurred and what actions you need to take – whether you need to immediately self-isolate, or monitor for symptoms.

“As COVID-19 remains in our communities, so does the anxiety and stress that comes with the uncertainty, the increased isolation and the need to take precautions in everything we do.

“Younger people, in particular, may not fully understand why many of the activities they normally enjoy are no longer available, look different and require us to interact with each other in new ways.

“We remind people to take the time to check in with your friends, family and neighbours, young and old, to provide a mental health boost and to ensure they have the support we all need – especially for those who may be self-isolating.

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