Grocery Wars Costco: Canada vs US

Ep.Product and Comparison DateCanadaUnited StatesWinnerWatch
60Philadelphia Cream Cheese
CA: 2x500g (1 kg or 2.2 lbs)
US: 48 oz (3 lbs or 1.36 kg)

CA$12.99 ($1.299/100g)
= US$9.48 ($4.309/lb)

US$9.99 ($3.33/lb)
= CA$13.69 ($1.007/100g)
USA (22%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
59Kraft Dinner / Mac and Cheese
CA: 12x340g (12 oz) = 4.1 kg / 144 oz
US: 18/7.25 oz (206 g) = 130.5 oz / 3.7 kg
CA$16.49 ($1.37/box)
= US$12.04 ($1.00/box)
US$15.89 ($0.88/box)
= CA$21.77 ($1.21/box)
USA (12%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
58Tide HE Original Detergent
CA: 146 Loads 4.82 L (163 oz)
US: 152 Loads 170 oz (5.03 L)
CA$29.99 ($0.205/ld)
= US$22.05 ($0.151/ld)
US$24.99 ($0.164/ld)
= CA$33.99 (0.224/ld)
Canada (8%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
57Crest Toothpaste with Scope[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
56Large Eggs[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
55Avocados[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
54Kirkland Signature Bacon[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
53Whipping Cream[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
52Kirkland Signature Italian Olive Oil[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
51Kirkland Signature Organic 2% Milk[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
50Jongja Kimchi[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
49Red Star Yeast[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
48Kraft Parmesan Cheese
CA&US: 680 g / 24 oz
= US$12.77
= CA$12.18
USA (30%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
47Kirkland Signature French Roast Coffee Beans
CA&US: 1.13 kg / 2.5 lbs
= US$10.94
= CA$15.06
Tie (0.5%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
46Duracell Powerboost AA Batteries
CA&US: 40 ct
= US$18.97
= CA$28.76
Canada (10%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
45Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken
CA: 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs)
US: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
= US$5.83
= CA$6.84
Weight USA (24%)
Chicken USA (14%)
[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
44Kirkland Signature Jasmine Rice
CA: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
US: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
CA$18.99 ($2.37/kg)
= US$13.86 ($0.79/lb)
US$17.49 ($0.70/lb)
= CA$23.96 ($2.12/kg)
USA (11%)[FB] [IG] [YT] [TK]
43Half and Half Cream
42Whipping Cream
41Lean Ground Beef
39Pepsi Cola Cans
38Apples – Envy
372% Milk
36Coastal Rugged Mature Cheddar Cheese
35Highline Mini Bella
34Ground Turkey
33Kirkland Signature Chicken Broth/Stock
32Huggies Diapers Size 1
30Kirkland Signature Traditional Basmati Rice
29Tampax Pearl
28Kirkland Signature Keurig Coffee Pods
27Gillette Venus Razors
26Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing
25Kirkland Signature Chunk Chicken Breast
24Chicken Thighs
23Salmon Fillet from Norway
22Listerine Ultraclean Mouthwash
CA&US: 2×1.5L
= US$11.84
= CA$19.56
Canada (18%)
21Kirkland Signature Organic Lean Ground Beef
20San Pellegrino Mineral Water
19Kirkland Signature Olive Oil
18Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil
17POM Pomegranate Juice
16Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Kernels
15Tim Hortons K-Pods
14Dawn Platinum
CA&US: 2.66L / 90oz
= US$10.36
= CA$16.19
Canada (14%)
13Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
12Babybel Cheese
11Kirkland Signature Almond Butter
10AlanΔ± Protein Shake Munchies
9Dole Mandarin Oranges
8Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano
7Maestro Bell Peppers
6Scrub Daddy
5Finish Jet Dry Rinse Aid
4Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup
3CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
2Ziploc Bags Sandwich