Costco Canada vs USA: Coca-Cola (Ep. 83)

For episode 83, we compared Coca-Cola between Costco Canada and Costco USA.

Costco Canada and Costco USA both sell the Coca-Cola cans in 355 milliitres (or 12 fluid ounces), unlike other countries like Asian countries where the size of the Coca-Cola can is 330 millilitres instead of 335 millilitres. Costco Canada sells their flat of product in 32 cans while Costco USA sells their flat of product in 35 cans.

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In terms of ingredients:

  • Canada: Carbonated water, sugar/glucose-fructose, caramel colour, phosphoric acid, natural flavour, caffine.
  • USA: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors and caffine.

The Canadian version lists sugar and glucose-fructose, whereas the US version lists high fructose corn syrup. This could be due to the regulations of each country, despite it could mean the same thing.

Pricing Analysis

CADCAD / CountUSDUSD / Count
Canada (#84) 32 x 355 ml$15.69$0.49/can$11.49$0.36/can
USA (#854330) 35 x 12 fl oz$21.83$0.62/can$15.99$0.46/can
Average daily exchange rate at time of calculation: 1.365 CAD/USD, or 0.733 USD/CAD


On a per can basis, the Coca-Cola in Canada is 22% cheaper than the US version.

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