COVID-19 Update: July 14, 2020

Since yesterday, there has been an additional 13 new cases in BC. Today marks day 13 of the incubation period since Canada Day. People may have attended Canada Day parties, so we won’t know about the extent of Canada Day parties until Monday.

Current estimates of the incubation period range from 1-14 days with median estimates of 5-6 days between infection and the onset of clinical symptoms of the disease.

13 new cases in BC (total: 3128; Δ 0.4%)
1015 VCH (prev: 1012; Δ 3; 0.3%; 32.4% of all)
1649 FHA (prev: 1643; Δ 6; 0.4%; 52.7% of all)
212 IHA (prev: 209; Δ 3; 1.4%; 6.8% of all)
135 VIHA (prev: 135; Δ 0; 0.0%; 4.3% of all)
65 NHA (prev: 65; Δ 0; 0.0%; 2.1% of all)
52 Outside Canada (prev: 51; Δ 1; 0.0%; 1.7% of all)
Total Active Cases: 209; 6.7% of total
Δ 1 (0.0%)

14 Hospitalized (prev: 14; Δ 0; 0.0%; 0.4% of total)
5 ICU (prev: 5; Δ 0; 0.0%; 0.2% of total)
2730 recovered (prev: 2718; Δ 12; 0.4%; 87.3% of total)
189 deaths to date (prev: 189; Δ 0; 0.0%; 6.0% of total)
Recovery Rate: 87.3% Δ 0.0%


“There have been no new health-care facility outbreaks. In total, two long-term care or assisted-living facilities and one acute-care facility have active outbreaks.

There has been an increase of three cases in healthcare outbreaks. To date, there are 399 residents and 252 staff members in the province.

Isolation Order

“There is one new isolation order and community exposure events are continuing to occur.

“Interior Health has issued an isolation order for Krazy Cherry Fruit Co. in Oliver due to two positive COVID-19 cases associated with this farm. Public health teams are monitoring the situation closely and have placed restrictions on those living and working on the farm to limit the potential for further transmission.

“Interior Health has also issued alerts for community exposure events in the Kelowna downtown and waterfront area between June 25 and July 9.

“Anyone who was at the Discovery Bay Resort from July 1 to 5 and Boyce Gyro Beach Lodge on July 1 is directed to self-isolate. Anyone who was at Cactus Club on Water Street from July 3 to 6 and Pace Spin Studio on July 2, 4, 5, 7 to 9 is asked to monitor themselves and contact public health immediately to arrange to get tested should symptoms develop.

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