COVID-19 Surveillance: Week of July 23, 2020

Over the past week, there has been an increase of 222 cases in the province (216 cases in British Columbia and an increase of 6 cases from outside Canada). Every Thursday, the BC Centre for Disease Control releases weekly surveillance reports on COVID-19 in the province.

Summary of Findings

This week, the BC CDC concluded that:

  • New reported cases have increased but hospital admissions and deaths remain low
  • Cumulative incidence remains highest in the Lower Mainland; however the largest number of new cases in the last week was reported by Interior Health.
  • Likely source of infection for most cases was contact with a local case or cluster.
  • The number of reported cases among children remains low. The age group with the largest number of new cases in the last week (83/222 new cases; 37%) were 20-29 year olds
  • One new outbreak has been declared and another declared over since the last report
  • The number of cases in hospital and in critical care remains low
  • The BC outbreak trajectory remains favourable compared to other provinces and countries

Breakdown by Health Authorities

Cases This Week2383926126
Active Cases68123869108
– Community62113849107
– Hospital672001
– – Intensive Care03000
Total Cases1,0511,7503151427757
Cases per 100K84.891.239.316.725.7
Median Case Age554638504643
– Hospitalized696962724449
– Death87837385

For the full surveillance report from BC CDC, please click here.

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