COVID-19 Update: June 5, 2020

1 new cases in BC (total: 2632; Δ 0.0%)
908 VCH (prev: 908; Δ 0; 0.0%; 34.5% of all)
1335 FHA (prev: 1334; Δ 1; 0.1%; 50.7% of all)
195 IHA (prev: 195; Δ 0; 0.0%; 7.4% of all)
130 VIHA (prev: 130; Δ 0; 0.0%; 4.9% of all)
64 NHA (prev: 64; Δ 0; 0.0%; 2.4% of all)
Total Active Cases: 193; 7.3% of total
Δ -7 (-0.3%)

21 Hospitalized (prev: 26; Δ -5; -19.2%; 0.8% of total)
5 ICU (prev: 6; Δ -1; -16.7%; 0.2% of total)
2272 recovered (prev: 2265; Δ 7; 0.3%; 86.3% of total)
167 deaths to date (prev: 166; Δ 1; 0.6%; 6.3% of total)
Recovery Rate: 86.3% Δ 0.2%

Error Correction

One case from yesterday’s total was removed due to a data correction.

Outbreaks and Deaths

“There have been no new health-care facility outbreaks and the outbreak at the Berkley Care Centre has been declared over. In total, five long-term care or assisted-living facilities continue to have active outbreaks.

“There have been no new community outbreaks. Public health teams are providing support for the eight ongoing community outbreaks.

“There has been one new COVID-19 related death in the Fraser Health region, for a total of 167 deaths in British Columbia. We offer our condolences to everyone who has lost their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other messages from Dr Bonnie Henry

“As the recent B.C. COVID-19 modelling has shown us, we can safely reopen many businesses, return to in-class learning and gradually increase our social interactions, but we have to be cautious that we don’t go too far and risk a resurgence in cases.

“The key is to minimize, manage and modify: minimize the number of new cases and close contacts, manage clusters and outbreaks with rapid contact tracing by public health teams and modify the measures we are all following, as needed.

“This means you should continue to assess your risks with every step and take precautions to protect yourself and those around you. Without exception, always stay home when ill and follow the rules for safe physical distancing. Remember that the provincial health officer’s order limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people remains in place.”

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