COVID-19 Update: June 10, 2020

11 new cases in BC (total: 2680; Δ 0.4%)
911 VCH (prev: 908; Δ 3; 0.3%; 34.0% of all)
1378 FHA (prev: 1370; Δ 8; 0.6%; 51.4% of all)
195 IHA (prev: 195; Δ 0; 0.0%; 7.3% of all)
130 VIHA (prev: 130; Δ 0; 0.0%; 4.9% of all)
66 NHA (prev: 66; Δ 0; 0.0%; 2.5% of all)
Total Active Cases: 185; 6.9% of total
Δ 2 (0.0%)

12 Hospitalized (prev: 16; Δ -4; -25.0%; 0.4% of total)
4 ICU (prev: 4; Δ 0; 0.0%; 0.1% of total)
2328 recovered (prev: 2319; Δ 9; 0.4%; 86.9% of total)
167 deaths to date (prev: 167; Δ 0; 0.0%; 6.2% of total)
Recovery Rate: 86.9% Δ -0.0%

Although 12 new cases were reported today, the total only increased by 11 compared to yesterday. One previously reported case has been removed due to a data correction.


“There has been one new outbreak at Holy Family Hospital, a long-term care facility in Vancouver. In total, five long-term care or assisted-living facilities continue to have active outbreaks.

“There have been no new community outbreaks, and public health teams are providing support for the six ongoing community outbreaks.

“Through our active surveillance and testing, we have recently identified two community clusters of COVID-19 associated with large family connections.

“This tells us that our public health teams are quickly identifying new cases. It also tells us that while our overall provincial cases may be low, COVID-19 is active and spreading in our communities.

“When you bring households together, regardless of how many people that may include, everyone brings their own risk with them and the potential for spreading COVID-19 increases.

“This is why fewer faces and bigger spaces needs to continue to be our guidepost for how we move forward.

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