COVID-19 Update: May 29, 2020

JurisdictionTodayYesterdayChangeChange %Total %
BC25622558Δ 4+0.2%
VCH900899Δ 1+0.1%35.1%
FHA12771274Δ 30.2%49.8%
IHA195195Δ 00%7.6%
VIHA127127Δ 00%5.0%
NHA6363Δ 00%2.5%

Total Active Cases: 228; Δ -13 (-0.5%); 8.9% of total

34 Hospitalized (prev: 33; Δ 1; 3.0%; 1.3% of total)
6 ICU (prev: 6; Δ 0; 0.0%; 0.2% of total)
2170 recovered (prev: 2153; Δ 17; 0.8%; 84.7% of total)
164 deaths to date (prev: 164; Δ 0; 0.0%; 6.4% of total)
Recovery Rate: 84.7% Δ 0.5%

Outbreaks and Deaths

“There have been no new COVID-19 related deaths in the last day, for a total of 164 deaths in British Columbia. We offer our condolences to everyone who has lost their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There have been no new health-care facility outbreaks. In total, 15 long-term care or assisted-living facilities and one acute-care unit have active outbreaks.

“Public health teams continue to provide support for community outbreaks at federal corrections facilities, the processing facilities in the poultry sector and for individuals connected to the Kearl Lake plant in Alberta.

“WorkSafeBC’s COVID-19 guidance has been developed through a collaboration of public health and workplace experts. The comprehensive guidance balances creating opportunities to safely restart many activities and the ability to protect everyone as we do that.

New Cases

1 new resident in LTC in Fraser Health was found positive with COVID-19. The age of this resident is over the age of 90. The other four are in the community.

#Health RegionGenderAgeSetting
1Vancouver CoastalMale30-39Community
2Fraser HealthFemale20-29Community
3Fraser HealthFemale20-29Community
4Fraser HealthFemale40-49Community
5Fraser HealthFemale90+LTC Resident

Breakdown by Health Authority

Active Cases82138512
– Community69120401
– Hospital1318111
– – Intensive Care41001
Total Cases900127719512763
Cases per 100,00072.666.624.314.921.0

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