COVID-19 Update: May 14, 2020

16 new cases in BC (total: 2392; Δ 0.7%)
878 VCH (prev: 877; Δ 1; 0.1%; 36.7% of all)
1149 FHA (prev: 1137; Δ 12; 1.1%; 48.0% of all)
181 IHA (prev: 180; Δ 1; 0.6%; 7.6% of all)
126 VIHA (prev: 125; Δ 1; 0.8%; 5.3% of all)
58 NHA (prev: 57; Δ 1; 1.8%; 2.4% of all)
Total Active Cases: 372; 15.6% of total
Δ -13 (-0.7%)

58 Hospitalized (prev: 59; Δ -1; -1.7%; 2.4% of total)
12 ICU (prev: 14; Δ -2; -14.3%; 0.5% of total)
1885 recovered (prev: 1859; Δ 26; 1.4%; 78.8% of total)
135 deaths to date (prev: 132; Δ 3; 2.3%; 5.6% of total)
Recovery Rate: 78.8% Δ 0.6%


15 LTC/Assisted Living and 4 acute care; MSA Rehab Unit in Worthington Pavilion in Fraser Health declared over; 500 cases 309 residents (+10) and 191 (+1) staff.

Superior Poultry has reopened and the health order has been recinded.

Statements from Dr. Bonnie Henry

“we need to look at plans in a much narrower frame. things will become more clear in the next 14 and 28 days and we will be able to expand our thinking about what we can do in the upcoming days. this weekend, less travel. we are asking that of everyone. whether in your car, on a boat, or on foot. there are many activities we can enjoy near our homes. enjoy the best of BC right in our own backyards

“fewer faces, smaller groups, shorter times together and bigger spaces. go for a hike at your local park, visit the farmers market. have a weekend of movies at home or have a zoom date. be aware of those around and continue to be considerate and to keep them safe too.

“let’s use this may long weekend as an opportunity to everyone to keep our safe social interaction rules into action so we know what we can do and start those habits for the coming weeks.

“your paths ahead is based on your personal circumstances and the safety of your family and your community is based on your actions. 

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