BC Phase 2 Reopening: Coquitlam Centre

Popular stores like lululemon, Apple, Best Buy (use outdoor entrance), grocery stores like Walmart and T&T, big box stores like London Drugs, and Golf Town are open.

Personal service establishments like the dentist, barbers (Esquire Barbers but not Sparky’s), optometry (Pearl Vision) are open but an appointment may be required. Call your professional to book.

Other stores open now include but are not limited to Aritzia, Sport Chek, Garage, Below The Belt, Suzy Shier, Purdys, Champs, Ardene, Ben Moss, Ann Louise, Pandora, EB Games, Guess, American Eagle Outfitters, Uniqlo, H&M, Sephora, RW and Co and Dynamite. Coquitlam Centre website has a comprehensive list of stores that are open.

Asian establishments like T&T and Uniqlo require an IR forehead temperature check to enter the establishment. T&T additionally requires a mask to enter. Each store will have its own policy and they will inform you of the policy when you talk to the staff member at the entrance.

Food Court

The empty food court at Coquitlam Centre. There are limited food options as some vendors have not restarted operations (Photo: Andy Shen)

Most food court vendors are closed. McDonald’s is closed. Gazba Persian Grill, Kobe Japanese Grill, Chachi’s, Jugo Juice, Thai Express are the only vendors open.

Tables have been adjusted to allow for social distancing acceptable to provincial regulations.

Line Ups and Returns

Line up stickers are put on the ground to indicate where people should stand in the line up to allow for 6 feet social distancing. (Photo: Andy Shen)

Lineups everywhere to limit the number of people in stores to allow social distancing. Stores like lululemon in Coquitlam Centre have a temporary limit of 8 guests at any given time. These limits vary depending on store size and whether individuals can maintain distancing.

These social distancing measures are temporary and will be lifted once COVID-19 is declared over. There might be an influx of customers at the mall due to returns. I noticed a lot of customers walking into the mall with their mail-order products, likely to return merchandise within store policy.

If you are returning merchandise, stores like lululemon and Apple have extended their return policy. Check your stores website or contact the store for more information.

Payment Methods

If you are visiting the mall with only cash, you might be limited to what you can purchase. Use of digital payment methods (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and others) are recommended when accepted. The use of cash has been discouraged.

If you need to purchase something from a store that only accepts credit cards and you don’t have a credit card, you can visit Walmart or any grocery store to purchase pre-paid credit cards.

Online orders and returns

Coquitlam Centre Curbside Pickup (Photo: Andy Shen)

Online pick-up is available for most stores. Order online (ie at lululemon.com or apple.ca) and pick up at the door without needing to line up. If your store supports curbside pick up, stalls are available near Dollarama.

After you arrive at Coquitlam Centre and park at the curbside pickup stall, call the store and let them know your stall number. If your store supports curbside pickup, a staff member will come out to give you your purchase.

Stay home

Some stores will take longer to open up. They want to get it right and want to prevent viruses from being spread. Be patient.

If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re out, maintain 6 feet separation (length of a lululemon yoga mat). Wear a mask if possible. Symptoms of COVID include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

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