COVID-19 Update: April 23, 2020

29 new cases in BC (total: 1824; Δ 1.6%)
755 VCH (prev: 745; Δ 10; 1.3%; 41.4% of all)
760 FHA (prev: 747; Δ 13; 1.7%; 41.7% of all)
156 IHA (prev: 153; Δ 3; 2.0%; 8.6% of all)
111 VIHA (prev: 110; Δ 1; 0.9%; 6.1% of all)
42 NHA (prev: 40; Δ 2; 5.0%; 2.3% of all)
Total Active Cases: 638; 35.0% of total
Δ 12 (0.1%)

103 Hospitalized (prev: 103; Δ 0; 0.0%; 5.6% of total)
44 ICU (prev: 46; Δ -2; -4.3%; 2.4% of total)
1092 recovered (prev: 1079; Δ 13; 1.2%; 59.9% of total)
94 deaths to date (prev: 90; Δ 4; 4.4%; 5.2% of total)
Recovery Rate: 59.9% (Δ -0.2%)

There were 3 deaths in the Fraser Health region and 1 death in Vancouver Coastal Health.


There was one new outbreak at Orchard Manor at Hawthron Park in Kelowna, B.C. (Interior Health).

There has been two new outbreaks in acute care in hospitals in the lower mainland – Ridge Meadows Hospital and Lions Gate Hospital. These cases are actively managed by Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health respectively.

10 long-term care outbreaks have been declared over. The province declares outbreaks over when no new cases have presented within 2 weeks – which is the incubation period of the novel coronavirus. Currently, there are 217 residents and 130 staff members in long-term care and assisted living affected by COVID-19.

The Mission Correctional Institution is still on-going with 78 cases of inmates and staff affected. The BC Centre of Disease Control is working with Correctional Services Canada to manage this outbreak.

There was an outbreak at Superior Poultry Plant in Coquitlam. There’s an on-going investigation conducted by Fraser Health. 1st case was identified yesterday. Superior Poultry is the sister plant to United Poultry plant where 29 COVID positive cases were found earlier this week.

Breakdown by Health Region

VCH 755 cases – 495 recovered – 63 deaths = 197 active
FHA 760 cases – 385 recovered – 27 deaths = 348 active
IHA 156 cases – 99 recovered – 1 death = 56 active
VIHA 111 cases – 80 recovered – 3 deaths = 28 active
NHA 42 cases – 33 recovered – 0 deaths = 9 active

Recovered cases is determined by the BC Centre of Disease Control to be: (1) resolution of fever without use of fever-reducing medications; AND (2) improvement of symptoms (respiratory, gastrointestinal and systemic); AND (3) either two negative nasopharyngeal swabs collected at least 24 hours apart, or at least 10 days have passed since onset of symptoms.

Median age for death is 86 years (range47-101 years)


Bonnie Henry: We are going to be living with COVID-19 in our community for some time. We have to manage that. We are at the peak or over the peak of the outbreak. We have to do what we can to manage this outbreak. We need to continue to look at how we manage this pandemic. We manage this risk by opening up industry and hospital by opening up with vigilance.

Bonnie Henry: We need reach a manageable number of new cases. It doesn’t mean we should have 0 new cases each day. We need a manageable amount. We need to be able to test and manage if people become sick so that they don’t pass it onto others. That’s our challenge over the next few weeks so that we can increase our social and economic contacts.

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