Costco Canada vs US (#60): Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Welcome to our cross-border grocery games, where we embark on an adventure to compare the delights of Costco items between Canada and the United States. Today, we will be comparing: Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

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The Products:

In the Canadian corner, we have the Philadelphia Cream Cheese packaged as a convenient 2-pack of 500 grams each, totaling a generous 1 kilogram. Priced at CA$12.99, this creamy delight offers a rich addition to any culinary creation.

Meanwhile, in the American corner, the Philadelphia Cream Cheese presents itself in a hefty 3 lb tub, offering ample supply for even the most voracious appetite. With a price tag of US$9.99, it beckons with affordability and abundance.

Ingredient Face-Off:

As we take a look at the nutrition facts and ingredients, we notice intriguing disparities. The Canadian version boasts additional ingredients such as lactic acid and potassium sorbate, along with slightly higher levels of sugar, potassium, and calcium. However, it takes a slight backseat in the fat content department compared to its US counterpart.

Calculating the Cost:

Let’s crunch the numbers!

In Canada, the 2-pack of 500 grams is CA$12.99, equivalent to CA$1.299 per 100 grams. Converting to US dollars at today’s exchange rate (1.37/0.730), this amounts to US$9.48 or US$4.309 per pound.

On the other hand, the 3 lb tub in the US comes in at US$9.99, a steal at US$3.33 per pound or CA$13.69 Canadian dollars, which equates to CA$1.007 per 100 grams.

The Verdict:

With a remarkable 22% pre-tax savings in the United States, it’s clear that in the battle of affordability, the US emerges victorious. However, let’s not overlook the nuanced differences in ingredients and nutritional profiles, which may sway individual preferences.


In the end, whether you’re spreading it on bagels, dolloping it onto baked potatoes, or incorporating it into your favourite recipes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese remains a beloved staple on both sides of the border. So, whether you’re stocking up at Costco in Canada or the US, rest assured that creamy indulgence awaits, albeit with a few delightful surprises along the way. Until next time, happy shopping and bon appétit!

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